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Natural Soap Nuts *Sale*

Natural Soap Nuts *Sale*

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The natural, chemcial free detergent for your washing machine.

Each cotton bag contains six soap nuts, which can be reused up to FOUR times.
Or simply buy a refill of soap nuts which will be packaged in a paper bag, if you have already purchased the cotton bag.

- A mild and gentle cleanser
- Suitable for washing coloureds
- Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
- Suitable for sensitive skin and people with allergies
- From renewable sources
- Economical

Excellent for easy-care washes, as well as cotton and linens from 30oC - 90oC. Also suitable or wool and silk. As a rule softener is not required as the soap nuts leave your washing pleasantly soft.

Simply tie your drawstring bag closed and and place between your washing within the drum of the washing machine.

At the end of the wash, leave the bag and shells to dry, ready to be reused.

Soap nuts are a natural washing detergent that are literally grown on trees. The Soapnut shells contain Saponins which, on contact with water, release mild suds and can be used as a sustainable alternative to laundry detergent in washing machines. The soap nuts have been used as a washing detergent for hundreds of years in India and Nepal. Soap nuts have grown to be a popular alternative to traditional washing detergents as they are better for the environment and for your skin.

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