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Welcome to Suneeta Cosmetics London!

This is our small family business, for which I hand-make all of our completely natural, fresh, vegan and chemical-free skincare products.

Our recipes are based on the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, renowned for enhancing well-being, with my own original twist, to make wholesome natural skincare products.

Much love, Suneeta xx

What's in your skincare?

From moisturisers to cleansers to scrubs, almost all cosmetic products sold on the high street have the same main ingredient: water. 

Usually, preservatives are the second ingredient in moisturisers, after water (eau). The preservatives need to be so high up the ingredients list to preserve all that water! It makes you question what exactly we are paying for when we spend £20 on a moisturiser whose main ingredient is water. These preservative ingredients are used in skincare products to give them an incredibly long shelf life, so that they can be bought to sit on shop shelves and in stock rooms without fear that they will go off.

Have you ever used a moisturiser and noted that it sinks into your skin straight away?

This does not mean that the product is necessarily ‘good for your skin’; it most likely means that the product has a high preservative content.

Alcohol and other similar preservatives can make a thick or chemical-laden skin-care product feel almost weightless, creating a deceptively pleasant aesthetic. And what’s more they make you use more of their product. These ingredients do not just preserve products but they actually increase absorption of products into your skin. Known as penetration enhancers, these ingredients sink quickly into your skin by breaking down the skin's barrier - destroying the very substances that keep your skin healthy over the long term. Not to mention how problematic it is that these preservatives are helping the other harmful ingredients absorb into your body...


Our handmade skincare is all 100% vegan and cruelty free, made using nothing but natural ingredients from Mother Nature! 

Better for you, your family and the environment. 

Zero Waste

Take a look at our completely plastic-free and eco-friendly products, either unpackaged or with biodegradable packaging


Adult Acne, Hormones and Dehydrated Skin

Adult Acne, Hormones and Dehydrated Skin

More often than not, hormonal acne is really the result of hormone changes and not a direct result of skincare. (But bear with us because skincare is important!)

It is caused by the body producing excess androgens (a.k.a. male hormones), which lead to increased oil production in hair follicles around the chin, lower cheeks and jawline.

Let’s break this down... We know that all pores and hair follicles secrete oil - this is our skin’s way of moisturising and protecting itself, however some pores produce more oil and sebum than others. For example, the scalp is particularly ‘oil-producing’ because this helps keep the hair healthy. 

In the same way, the hair follicles on the lower part of male faces - basically everywhere there is increased facial hair growth


Suneeta London
suneeta London, cosmetics zero waste skincare natural vegan

Jash’s Hair Care Routine: Oiling Method

One of my fondest memories from my childhood is of my mother oiling my hair.

Growing up with an Indian mother, I knew from a very young age that taking care of your hair was very important. It’s not just about the aesthetics, it went deeper than that, it was rooted in tradition and Ayurveda (Ayur = life, Veda = knowledge). This knowledge determines which oils and herbs to use based on your needs, the process of making the mixtures, the massaging technique, the intergenerational conversations, the bond between women and so much more.

Over time, I have taken both what I have learnt from my mother and my own exploration and created a routine that works for me. So I want to share it with you all.

Suneeta London
suneeta London, cosmetics zero waste skincare natural vegan

Natural variation in skincare products

From time to time we receive emails that note slight changes in our products, so we thought we’d do a blog post on why our products change slightly from batch to batch.

Sometimes our products melt, or vary in colour and scent, so we wanted to assure you that Sunset follows strict recipes, and that variation in our products is not an indication of quality changes in ingredients; it's the beauty of a truly natural product.

We expect the ultimate consistency in high street skincare products. We expect the cosmetic products we buy from well-known high street brands to be exactly the same every time we buy them, and would probably be confused if we bought a product that we regularly used to find it was a different colour or had a slightly different smell, even when buying a “natural” product. Whilst we maybe wouldn’t leave a product out in the sun, we also wouldn’t expect it to melt or change consistency. 

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