Why wooden spoons are an essential for your natural skincare routine

Why wooden spoons are an essential for your natural skincare routine

In the world of natural skincare, every choice matters. Ever wondered why using wooden spoons with our products is recommended? 


The answer lies in preserving the purity of our formulations. Our skincare products are crafted with care, although they can be sensitive to moisture. With these all-natural formulations, keeping water out is key to maintaining their quality and longevity. In short, water entering our products may lead to spoilage, and who wants that? 


Wooden spoons, unlike metal or plastic, are key in keeping water at bay. This is also important for our clay-based wonders. You see, clay has deep cleansing properties for your skin, and as metal is known to react with minerals in clay, the composition can be altered. This would mean that the efficacy will be reduced. The use of a wooden utensils ensures that these properties remain activated, delivering the full benefits of our skincare.


So, the next time you dip into one of our jars, reach for a wooden spoon. They literally go hand in hand with our skincare and allows your products to remain as vibrant and effective as the day they were crafted. Here’s to radiant skin and the simple wisdom of choosing the right spoon for the job!

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