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Miracle Protein Mask

Miracle Protein Mask

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This mask is made from a unique blend of protein and mineral enriched clays, which give new life to your skin. Use to smooth, heal and cleanse the skin. Protein helps skin cells repair and regenerate, so this mask is perfect for any troubled or damaged skin.

Available only in our zero waste paper bag option.

Accessories such as mask brush, mini mask bowl, mini bamboo spoon and bamboo hairband sold separately. 

Available in our Face Mask Sampler Pack here

Mix one teaspoon with equal part water, toner, honey or yoghurt to form a paste, either in your hand or in a bowl. Apply to face, leave for five to fifteen minutes, then wash off.

Ingredients: Kaolin (white) clay, Bentonite clay, organic Cicer arientinum seed (chickpea) flour.

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