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Deluxe Get Started Kit for Combination Skin

Deluxe Get Started Kit for Combination Skin

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Combination skin is oily in places and dry in others. Typically, those with combination skin have oily t-zones and dry skin elsewhere.

Many people with combination skin also have dehydrated skin, which is where your skin lacks moisture: if your skin is fairly normal in the morning, but tends to produce more oil as the day goes on, or even if your skin is feeling unusually sensitive, you may have dehydrated skin. This Get Started Kit is suitable for both those with dehydrated combination skin and the typical oily combination skin.

Mandarin and Calendula Cleansing Balm

Orange Blossom and Aloe Vera Skin Toner

Golden Turmeric Argan Oil Serum

Gel Moisturiser with Palmarosa

Clary Sage and Geranium Cream

Suneeta’s Night Facial Oil

Sleep Mask with Frankincense and Myrrh

Aloe and Jojoba Clay Facial Scrub

Lime and Turmeric Face Mask

Purifying Clay Mask

Aloe Vera Eye Gel

Firming Eye Cream

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    Customer Reviews

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    Great selection that has revitalised my skin

    I went back to Suneeta's products after a very stressful period that had very visible effects on my skin: deep fine lines, dry and flaky irritable skin (I'm late thirties with combination skin). I wanted natural products that I could trust and this selection was the best choice. I followed the instructions and alternated different products to find what best worked for me. The products lasted for several months and I ended up reordering my favourites. Most importantly, the delightful scents of each product helped with developing a skin routine I never had, just for the pleasure of smelling the orange blossom or the rose scent. I loved each product, but if I had to choose three, it would have to be: 1) the firming eye cream (applying a thick layer of it for the night makes a great difference in the morning); 2) the aloe vera eye gel (applying it in the morning just makes my eye contour shine with health); and 3) the orange blossom and aloe vera skin toner (I was looking for a toner without alcohol and this one is absolutely addictive! I use it twice everyday and it keeps my skin clean and lifts my mood every time I use it). Suneeta's products really have no match in terms of natural scents and textures. My skin thanks you! X