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Suneeta’s Night Facial Oil: A potent blend of skin-loving oils

Repair. Revive. Revitalise.

Using a facial oil is a brilliant way to repair skin: giving it extra nourishment and restoring moisture. Facial oils help to revive dull skin by keeping vital hydration locked in and they have incredible, instantaneous skin-smoothing properties. Oils have the ability to sink deeper into the skin's many layers than most creams and moisturisers due to their molecular structure; revitalising from the inside out. Oils are lipophilic (fat loving), so they absorb into the skin’s lipid barrier easily and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Most importantly, oils are beneficial for ALL skin types - even oily skin needs moisturising!

Suneeta's Night Facial Oil

Suneeta’s Night Facial Oil is made from a recipe of SIX powerful plant-based oils (and nothing else!) that will sink into the skin, leaving it feeling supple, smooth and hydrated. Exclusive to Suneeta Cosmetics!  

Jojoba Oil - This oil has a similar structure to sebum, the natural oils found in our skin, so it gives brilliant hydration for all skin types and will not block pores. Loaded with essential fatty acids, antioxidants (which fight free-radical damage from UV rays) and vitamin E, jojoba oil will help with acne, psoriasis, sunburn and damaged skin.  

Apricot Oil - Rich in omega-6, vitamin A & E, Apricot oil is soothing, anti-inflammatory and nourishing. This oil will maintain the moisture balance in the skin, as well as firm and tone. Also known to reduce sign of ageing and rehydrate the skin.

Almond Oil - A mild, hypoallergenic oil that is brilliant for sensitive skin. Almond oil is light and easily absorbed by the skin. High in omega-3 fatty acid and vitamins A, B & E, this oil  is a powerful antioxidant and will help keep cells healthy, reducing signs of ageing, dark circles and fine lines. A super moisturiser that won't clog pores, but will improve circulation and nourish the skin, making it softer and smoother.

Rose Essential Oil - Relaxing, mood boosting and beautifying. Rose oil will lift and tone the skin and is one of the best oils to give you glowing, fresh and youthful skin, with an aroma to keep you feeling happy and smiling.

Geranium essential oil -  An antibacterial oil that promotes cell health and encourages regeneration of new cells, helping the skin to renew and rejuvenate. An excellent treatment for acne and dermatitis.

Clove Bud Oil - Rich in vitamin A & C, Clove bud essential oil is also rejuvenating and stimulating and can reduce signs of ageing. Anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants. An excellent stress reliever and relaxant, perfect for use before bed.

Suneeta's Night Facial Oil
Use Suneeta's Night Facial Oil before bed and wake up with a dewy glow

How do I use it?

As your last skincare step in the evening, dampen skin with a small splash of water - the oil will lock this moisture in and will spread easily. Pour a few drops of Suneeta’s Night Facial Oil into the palm of your hand and then rub your hands together to warm the oil. Gently massage around your face and leave overnight to work its magic. Use nightly, and wake up with a dewy glow everyday!

Top tip: Massage the oil into the neck and décoletté after the face as this delicate area is just as susceptible to dryness and free-radical damage from the sun and is often forgotten!

Is a facial oil right for me?

Deyhydrated skin  - When the skin’s moisture barrier is stripped, skin can feel tight, often oily in places and parched in others, and seems to not absorb products. Facial oils can penetrate deep into the skin, helping to increase moisture levels and repair the damaged moisture barrier.

Oily/ acne- prone  There is evidence that using oils on your face after cleansing can actually signifcantly decrease oil production and reduce acne inflammation with extended use, by acting as a protective barrier for the face.

Dry - Occasional or persistent dry, flaky skin can hugely benefit from a nourishing facial oil.

Why should I moisturise overnight?

While you sleep your body naturally enhances its ability to fight environmental and natural damage, which translates into a better and brighter complexion. This means your skin is repairing itself overnight, so using a moisturising facial oil before bed is a great way to accelerate this natural process. During the night your skin is not exposed to outside aggressors which can evaporate moisture from the skin, so whatever you apply to your skin in the evening will have a better chance of getting to work!

Don't just take our word for it!

Suneeta's Night Facial Oil has been given a five star review on the website by our customers! Here's what YOU have to say:

"This night oil is just lovely, kind, delicious, wonderful stuff"
- Hannah Hay
"Love it - soaks into the skin beautifully without leaving the skin oily and promotes a great nights sleep due to the wonderful aromas from the oil. Have used amorressence oil and balm from Decleor for years and would put Suneetas oil up there. Just reordered a big bottle - great value and great results"

- Elaine C

"This oil is the BEST! The smell is just the best smell ever.. My skin feels so soft in the morning. Please do not be scared of the word oil. This does NOT leave your skin feeling greasy or uncomfortable, because it sinks into the skin, to work its magic while you sleep"

- Sylvie Berry

"My personal favorite. I was really skeptical when I first bought a sample of this oil while in London. The idea of applying oil on my face on purpose seemed absurd, after trying to avoid oily skin for my entire life. Bottom line - you owe it to your skin. I used it daily for the past 3 months and just couldn't go to sleep without applying it. That sample I bought lasted for two and a half months! It smells great, the texture is just right and I feel like my skin is glowing when I wake up in the morning"
Noa Pincu
"I'm completely in love with your nighttime facial oil. It's honestly the best product I've ever used"

- @sugarMspice2008





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Love that oil. I’d like to order if organic and cruelty free

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