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What do scrubs do?

Scrubs provide a deeper clean than your regular once or twice daily cleansing routine, to help dislodge any pollution, product residue, sebum, actual dirt and such that gets stuck deep into pores. They can be used all over face and body, and can be targeted toward various skin issues. Scrubs can also smooth any rough or dry skin, leaving your skin soft and supple.

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Why are they different from my normal cleansing product?

High street scrubs usually contain a manual exfoliating agent such as micro-beads (now thankfully banned in the UK) which are made of plastic and don't biodegrade, endangering marine life. However, as a company that prides itself on pure and natural ingredients Suneeta uses ingredients like organic caster sugar, Himalayan salt, walnut shell powder, jojoba beads and many more natural ingredients, which give you the same great results, while also adding their own antioxidant properties . Our scrubs also contain a blend of moisturising oils, essential oils and clays to heal and purify.

How often should I use a scrub?

Depending on the level of abrasion, scrubs can be used anything from once or twice a week to every day. It should be noted that scrubbing too often or not using the right exfoliator can create micro-tears in the skin which affect regeneration and cell turnover, as well as overall damage and disruption to the protective acid mantle, so it's important to know what kind of scrub your skin needs, and how often to use it. Skin is our largest organ, it's so important to treat it with care, respect and nourishment, to prevent diseases from getting to our internal organs for example. The trick is not to disrupt the natural pH of the skin which commonly lies somewhere neutral between 4 and 5.5. Highly acidic or alkaline ingredients/ products can make skin more susceptible to breakouts, hyperpigmentation and conversely, dullness.

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Will a scrub help reduce my pores?

On the skin's surface there are layers of healthy bacteria and sebum that naturally regulate and are secreted through our pores. A common misconception is that pores open and close, or "breathe", and some mistakenly believe that you can get rid of them entirely with scrubbing, cleansing and other treatments. This is false! Pores are necessary for the healthy regulation of skin's moisture levels, and cannot be removed. They are just another example of how our bodies are complex beings with their own defences!

What is 'zoning'?

Zoning means using different products to tackle different areas of the face or body depending on the localised skin issue. Not all skin is the same and often will require different treatment by hand and with different products.

For areas where the skin can become much drier like the elbows, knees and the soles of the feet, dead skin can accumulate quickly and become very uncomfortable. We suggest for these areas to perhaps use the Golden Turmeric & Lime Sugar Scrub which is on the more abrasive side and is more appropriate for these areas where skin is thicker and tougher. The turmeric root powder and the lime work as fantastic anti inflammatory agents and the acidity from the lime may help lighten these areas where skin can also appear much darker. The sugar will provide the correct manual exfoliation while the unrefined coconut oil will not leave the area dry or irritated afterward. This treatment can be applied as often as you think you need.

For an upper body/back solution to blemishes and inflammation, we love to use the Pink Grapefruit Himalayan salt scrub. Himalayan Sea Salt is a rich source of vital minerals, while Epsom Salt is renowned for its therapeutic properties. With added clarifying grapefruit and geranium essential oils, you can expect clear and decongested skin which also smells pleasantly citrusy. This blend is also useful for eczema and dermatitis that may affect the sensitive chest and shoulder area.

Where the facial skin in concerned, it is much more delicate in general, especially around the eye area. Skin types also can change behaviour with the seasons which is something to pay close attention to so you can keep it plump and healthy. In light of this, we would suggest particularly for combination skin, to scrub the T-zone or especially oilier areas with the Lemon & Walnut scrub and the Aloe & Jojoba clay scrub to fill in the gaps in hope this will rebalance your complexion ready to tone and moisturise. The lemon will act as the oil-eliminator (additionally to even skin tone) as the walnut shell powder is more gritty and will easily lift away dead skin etc while the combination of the aloe vera, sandalwood and bentonite clay will treat drier to sensitive  skin areas helping to soothe but also draw out impurities. Both scrubs contain vegetable glycerin as a natural humectant which helps skin retain the moisture it attracts from the air and the product itself to make sure the skin is left balanced.

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What are skincare 'boosters'?

Additions to your scrubs/masks can elevate their efficacy when for instance you are suffering from a hormonal breakout, adding an antimicrobial/naturally antiseptic essential oil or toner into the mix before application.

We like combining the Natural Spot Treatment with the Detoxifying Charcoal Mask  to apply a thin layer all over the face or exclusively in the T-zone (nose and across the brow bone). This product contains an alcohol-free witch hazel base with the essential oils of tea tree and lavender to help banish those blemishes, helping to calm residual redness while still attaining that deep cleanse from the clay and charcoal from the powdered mask. This could also be mixed and applied on just the blemishes themselves for the same effect if you find this particular mixture too drying for the whole face. Alternatively, substitute the mask with the Detoxifying Green Tea & Charcoal Scrub with the added toner for extra antiseptic properties for use on the backs of arms and legs which can often be overlooked places of skin congestion.

For when fine lines, wrinkles and darker spots begin to appear as the skin ages, adding a boost to the milder Aloe & Jojoba Clay Facial Scrub should help as a great preventative. We like adding the essential oils of frankincense and lavender or a few drops of our Anti-Ageing Facial Serum which contains a wholesome blend of oils for this very reason (combating signs of ageing). This includes the powerhouse that is Rosehip Oil in a cold-pressed form (for the greatest potency) to help fade marks and reduce scarring.

For any further recommendations, feel free to email us your skincare queries or chat to on the markets or in our Brixton store for more personalised tips!

Oliver xx

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