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Is Your Scrub Damaging The Environment?

Hi! This is the THIRD part in our series of blog posts Natural Products and How They Can Work For You. We’re going to be discussing natural face scrubs and the key differences between scrubs found on the high street and those made from natural ingredients.

Is your scrub damaging the environment?

Plastic microbeads can no longer be used in cosmetics and personal care products in the UK, after a long-promised ban came into effect recently. The ban initially bars the manufacture of such products and a ban on sales will follow in July.

Thousands of tonnes of plastic microbeads from products such as exfoliating face scrubs and toothpastes wash into the sea every year, where they harm wildlife and can ultimately be eaten by people.

But, as you can see from the above, you could still be unwittingly buying microbeads up until July this year, so please take extra care to ensure you check your ingredients labels!

What exfoliants does Suneeta use in her natural scrubs?

Fine-grained salt, sugar, jojoba beads, walnut shells and clay!

Exfoliating: the basics

  • Using an exfoliating face scrub (even a gentle one) just once a week can soften, smooth and revive dull, dry skin
  • Exfoliating helps unclog pores; preventing breakouts, excess oil and bacterial build up on the skin's surface
  • Exfoliating increases blood circulation in order to help you achieve glowing, healthy skin.

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HOWEVER, the dead skin sometimes hardens and turns into tiny callouses, which is what causes skin to feel rough and dry. 

What’s more, the skin’s natural exfoliation process slows considerably as we get older, so there is more buildup of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface which can lead to your complexion looking dull, lacklustre and even flaky.

Normal friction on the skin does not actually shed all dead skin cells, so gently scrubbing helps enhance surface circulation and lifts away deep seated dirt and bacteria. 

Exfoliating not only brightens and smoothes the facial skin, it also helps prevent breakouts and excess oil that are caused by bacterial build up. 

Last but not least, indulging in exfoliation feels nice! Don't take for granted the power that cosmetics have to lift spirits and ease the mind!

Everyone needs a little bit of 'me' time.

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So how do you know which scrub is right for your skin type?

You can try a sample of each of Suneeta's SIX scrubs here or check out the chart below...


Really dry or sensitive skin

Golden Turmeric and Lime Sugar Scrub

Ingredients: Sugar, Coconut oil, Turmeric root powder, Turmeric essential oil, lime.

Key features: This gentle, zingy sugar scrub gives light exfoliation without damaging delicate skin. Perfect for those with broken, irritated or sensitive skin.

Dry skin

Pink Clay Sugar Facial Scrub

Ingredients: Sugar, pastel pink Clay , fuller’s earth clay, vegetable oil glycerine.

Key features: A fine, grainy scrub which gently and effectively exfoliates away dead skin and surface impurities. Pink clay leaves skin silky soft, helps to minimise blackheads and promotes a radiant and balanced complexion. 

Normal skin

Detoxifying Charcoal & Green Tea Face & Body Scrub (unscented)

Ingredients: Salt, coconut oil, green tea, avocado oil, activated charcoal.

Key features: A rejuvenating and detoxifying blend of green tea and activated charcoal, with fine-grained salt for deep yet gentle exfoliation.
Combination skin

Aloe and Jojoba Clay Scrub

Ingredients: Aloe vera, fuller’s Earth, Jojoba Beads, Glycerine, Sandalwood Oil.

Key features: Aloe calms inflammation whilst sandalwood oil tightens pores and has naturally anti-bacterial properties that make it the perfect addition to a pore- cleansing face scrub. Perfect for all skin types, and a great choice for combination skin.
Oily skin

Lemon and Walnut Facial Scrub

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerine, green clay, walnut shell, lemon.

Key features: With exfoliating walnut and detoxifying clay to refine and polish the skin. Astringent lemon soaks up excess oil and impurities. Great for brightening complexion and softens skin with one use.

Robust skin types who want a really scrubby scrub!

Pink Grapefruit & Geranium Himalayan Salt Face and Body Scrub

Ingredients: Himalayan sea salt, Coconut oil, Dead sea Salts, Epsom salts, Beetroot powder, Grapefruit oil, Geranium oil.

Key features: Super scrubby, for those with more robust skin types! Epsom salts and beetroot rejuvenate the skin and help increase circulation. Wonderfully fragrant and deep pink in colour. Brightens and softens the complexion with a blend of mineral-rich salts.


Still unsure?

Try the quiz below!




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How do I use my scrub?

Our products are completely natural and do not contain chemical preservatives to protect against waterborne bacteria. This means that you can’t let water enter the container! Simply spoon out what you need into a separate bowl to take with you into the bath or shower.

Massage your scrub gently around damp skin then rinse well with warm water... Easy!


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In two weeks

We'll be doing a blog post on our favourite face masks! Stay tuned :)

Jen xxx

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Absolutely love these scrubs – have been using the Aloe & Jojoba for a few weeks and my skin has never been clearer or softer. Another brilliant Suneeta product!

Hattie M

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