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Autumn Skincare: Night Cream with Frankincense and Lavender

How does the cold weather affect your skin?

With Autumn's colder weather creeping in, some of us are starting to notice the effect on our skin: dryness, tightness and redness being the most common. Not only is this uncomfortable and often irritating, it can also make fine lines and wrinkles look more pronounced - no thanks!

Beauty sleep is no myth!

However, using a soothing, moisture-rich cream at night is a brilliant natural way to fight these nasty effects. 

Did you know that while you sleep, your skin is hard at work repairing damage made throughout the day by environmental aggressors such as harsh winds, sun exposure and cold, dry air. 

During the colder months it is always recommended to take a little extra care at night to help the healing process along, and using a night cream is a brilliantly effective and easy way of doing this. 

How to best take care of your skin at night

Our handmade and completely natural Night Cream with Frankincense and Lavender, which is made using only natural ingredients that nourish, moisturise and soothe the skin, is a great option. This rich cream was formulated with sensitive skin in mind, so it is suitable for all skin types.

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    ALL NATURAL! Night Cream with Frankincense and Lavender, from £8 !

Shea Butter - Extracted from the Shea nut and traditionally gathered by women in Africa, shea butter is a healing, wonderfully moisturising skin food rich in vitamins A and E; a real superfood for all skin types. Shea butter is occlusive, meaning that it creates a barrier on the skin, which is great for locking in moisture while you sleep. It helps promote youthful skin by reducing fine lines and dryness.

Sweet Almond Oil - Almond oil is a silky golden coloured oil rich in antioxidants and essential fats, which are necessary to fight environmental effects on the skin. Almond oil helps maintain moisture levels in the skin and absorbs quickly without blocking pores. Known to improve the complexion, soothe skin irritations and inflammation, nourish, soften and smooth the skin. 

Frankincense - This essential oil has astringent properties which will reduce the signs of ageing and tighten, tone and firm the skin. Frankincense is antiseptic and reduces stress in the skin. Great for keeping your complexion looking healthy.

Lavender - Not only is lavender is great for inducing sleep, it also helps calm stressed skin. A real saviour when it comes to the effects of harsh weather on the skin. Anti-fungal and antibacterial, lavender oil also increases blood circulation, helps rid of wrinkles and promotes the healing process of the skin. 

Top Tips!

As well as using a soothing night cream, there are lots of other small things you can do to help reduce the effects of colder weather on your skin.

  • Drink plenty of water ! Don't forget that your skin needs hydration from the inside out
  • Avoid toxins - p=Particularly if you have any skin conditions like eczema, avoid irritants like harsh chemical detergents as these can aggravate skin even more during the colder months when the skin is more susceptible to damage
  • No hot water! Try showering in lukewarm water. Hot water strips essential protective oils from the skin's outer layers and can have a really drying effect; lukewarm water is a lot kinder to skin
  • Moisturise after washing - This is a great way to lock in moisture when your skin is damp 

Night Cream Frankincense Lavender

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