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January Skin Detox

The start of a brand new year is the perfect time to make some skincare resolutions.

As you may know, many factors affect our skin on a day to day basis - hormones, stress, diet and weather all play a role, not just skincare!

This time of year especially can be pretty rough on your skin. The stress of the holiday season (late night wrapping sessions, anyone?), lots of organisation, lack of sleep and perhaps a little overindulgence over the festive period... All of these have a part to play. If you have noticed any extra clogged pores, redness or if your complexion is simply a little tired, try our January Skincare Detox.

Not only will Suneeta’s Detox items help to clear excess oil, remove impurities and brighten dull skin, they all all Vegan, so will help any of you on your Veganuary journey!

We’re going to run through our favourite detox items, which will not only help you detoxify your complexion after the festive period, but will also help you detox from anything chemical, unnatural or synthetic, as they are made by Suneeta with pure, 100% natural goodness.

veganuary skincare vegan organic skincare suneeta
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So, let’s run through the ultimate detox routine!

Step One: Deep Cleanse with Mandarin Calendula Cleansing Balm 

The first port of call for stressed skin is a deep cleanse. Oil-based cleansers can sink deeper than conventional soap based cleansers (which only clear surface bacteria), pulling impurities from deep within the pores. This calendula infused balm detoxifies your skin from pollution, clears blackheads and minimises the appearance of pores.

            Mandarin and Calendula Cleansing Balm, as featured on the BBC

Step Two: Purify with
Orange Blossom and Aloe Vera Toner

After using the Mandarin Cleansing Balm, lightly sweep this hydrating, antibacterial toner over the skin, particularly over the T-Zone. Aloe vera tightens pores, while orange blossom soothes and tones the complexion. The addition of antibacterial peppermint oil helps blemishes and clogged skin.

Step Three: Heal skin with Golden Turmeric Skin Cream

Our most popular product, this rich cream is perfect for soothing skin overnight. After cleansing and toning, use this cream sparingly over your whole face and neck, to protect and heal while you sleep. 

Best selling Golden Turmeric Skin Cream                       Bestselling Golden Turmeric Skin Cream

Step Four: Neutralise bacteria with Natural Spot Treatment

Use this treatment toner on problem areas to reduce the redness and inflammation of blemishes. Made with naturally antibacterial and anti inflammatory ingredients and formulated without alcohol.

natural spot treatment vegan toner

This treatment toner reduces the redness and inflammation of blemishes

Step Five: Hydrate with Palmarosa Gel Moisturiser

Hydrating, light and non-greasy. This fab daily moisturiser is guaranteed to leave your skin fresh and hydrated, without feeling heavy on your skin.

Step Six: Brighten with Aloe Vera Eye Gel  

Our go to for tired eyes, this absorbent eye gel visibly reduces puffiness and eye bags. Containing a rich blend of natural ingredients to cool, soothe and moisturise the delicate skin around the eyes, this is a staple in any detoxifying routine!

          Bestselling Aloe Vera Eye Gel with organic rosehip, chamomile and rose

Step Seven: Multi-mask with Detoxifying Charcoal Face Mask and our Lime and Turmeric Clay Mask!

detoxifying face mask multimasking          Multi-mask with this detoxifying face mask with charcoal and clay

Multimasking is the art of using different face masks at once to target different skin issues. You can use as many as you like, but we recommend using two, as any more than that can get a bit messy! You need only do this once a week, as they are super effective.


Apply the Detoxifying Face Mask to your T-Zone (nose and forehead). This mask is perfect to extract impurities, sebum and dirt from deep within the pores, leaving your skin feeling clear and clean. Superb for clarifying oily, congested or dull skin, especially for those who live in a polluted area.   Next, apply the Lime and Turmeric Mask to the rest of your face. The clay in this mask brings impurities to the surface of the skin, while lime works to clear excess oil. Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which makes this mask perfect for troubled and  blemish prone skin.

And there you have it! Our most effective detoxifying skincare products, for your January Detox.

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