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Get Started Kits

What is a Get Started Kit?

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Do you have trouble working out which products are best for you, and what order to use them in? Our Get Started Kits each include a selection of sample sizes of tailored skincare products for your skin type. 
This is a great way to make the transition to a completely natural, chemical-free skincare routine!

We have twenty-six Get Started Kits to choose from - so there is sure to be something for everyone!

We’ll summarise some possible different skin types below, so you can choose the perfect kit for you. Each kit comes with detailing instructions on how to get the most out of your products :)

His  Kit      |       Her Kit

Dry skin lacks moisture and can often be more troublesome in the colder months. Dry skin can particularly affect people in hard water areas. This Get Started Kit will help replenish moisture and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, using all natural ingredients - no nasties!

This kit contains moisturising creams, as well as two surprisingly hydrating products; our Nourishing Face Mask and our Aloe and Jojoba Scrub, both of which help your skin to retain moisture.


His Kit       |        Her Kit

This Get Started Kit is for older skin types, which may be more prone to dryness and fine lines. These skincare items will provide skin with extra nourishment and all include powerful antioxidant ingredients that will make your skin feel healthy and moisturised. The deluxe version contains the best-selling Anti-Ageing Facial Serum.

This kit also includes our bestselling Night Cream with Frankincense and Lavender, for all natural anti-ageing!

Deluxe Get Started Kit for Mature Skin, 10% off for a limited time only

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Adult acne is one of the most common skincare issues faced by women, and is caused by all sorts of reasons including hormones and diet, as well as skincare. The items for this Get Started Kit have been chosen specifically by women who have experienced adult acne and have found relief through these products. The products are not stripping or aggravating, but contain naturally active antibacterial and anti inflammatory ingredients, to heal the skin while moisturizing and nourishing.


His Kit        |        Her Kit

Combination skin is oily in places and dry in others. Typically, those with combination skin have oily t-zones and dry skin elsewhere. Some people with combination skin also have dehydrated skin, which is where your skin lacks moisture: if your skin is fairly normal in the morning, but tends to produce more oil as the day goes on, or even if your skin is feeling unusually sensitive, you may have dehydrated skin. This Get Started Kit is suitable for both those with dehydrated skin and the typical combination skin.


His Kit          |        Her Kit

If your skin is neither particularly oily nor dry, and is generally without issue, then lucky you, you must have ‘normal skin’ (although this is the least common skin type!).

Although normal skin is neither oily nor dry, you may still have oily or dry days. When we say ‘normal skin, we also mean skin that isn’t sensitive or prone to blemishes. However, you can have the odd spot and still be considered to have normal skin, as long as your moisture levels are balanced and your skin doesn’t overproduce oil. Normal skin can benefit from a simple skincare routine, that will help enhance your natural glow.


His Kit       |        Her Kit

Oily skin is skin that tends to overproduce oil. When we say oily skin, we mean skin that is oily from morning to evening*. Oily skin can be otherwise healthy looking, or can have other issues, such as large pores. Many people tend to avoid moisturising if they have oily skin, however this can cause skin to over-produce oil, as it tries to moisturise itself, so it is still important to moisturise, even if you have oily skin. Those with oily skin also often try to cleanse or scrub the oil away, which again can lead to to more oil-production in the long run. If you have oily skin, we recommend using a light, hydrating non-greasy moisturiser in the day, and then using a slightly richer cream in the evening, to help balance your skin’s oils.

His Kit      |         Her Kit

This Get Started Kit is perfect for problematic teenage skin. These naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial skincare items are potent enough to help clear blemishes, but not too drying for delicate younger skin. We do not advocate using harsh washes or scrubs, but suggest going for a more gentle approach which naturally active ingredients, which have worked so well for so many people. 

His Kit       |     Her Kit

Our products are almost all suitable for sensitive skin, however this kit is specifically for those who react to fragrance ingredients, essential oils and many other common skincare ingredients. This Get Started Kit is made up of items with little or no essential oil, all of which have been formulated with the most sensitive and reactive skin in mind. These skincare products will nourish and moisturise skin, without aggravating sensitive skin. This Get Started Kit a good option for pregnant women, who may have sensitivity to certain fragrances and essential oils.  

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