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Four Surprising Hydrating Skincare Items

pink clay

We are all aware of the classic skincare items that are designed to be moisturising: day creams, night creams, facial serums and oils. But did you know that the following surprising four items can be just as hydrating and nourishing?


Face scrubs are used to remove dry and dead skin cells, to reveal healthier skin underneath. We don’t think of them as hydrating, in fact usually you would moisturise after exfoliating because scrubs can often make you feel a bit dry.

This Aloe and Jojoba Scrub, however, will make your skin feel so moisturised and soft, thanks to its carefully chosen natural ingredients, that you definitely won’t need to use moisturiser afterwards!

Aloe Vera is beautifully skin softening, and will keep you hydrated all day. Vegetable glycerin pulls moisture to your skin, plumping and hydrating. Fuller’s Earth clay removes toxins and impurities, without stripping your skin of moisture. Jojoba beads gently buff away dead skin cells and dry skin, allowing the moisture ingredients of this scrub to better penetrate the skin. Sandalwood Oil is slightly astringent and tightens open pores.

aloe jojoba clay scrub no microbeads

This scrub is formulated without microbeads! 100% safe for you and the environment! From £6


Many of us love a good clay mask to tackle blemishes, to smooth our skin and to remove oil, but do you find that they can leave your face tight and red?

Well, this is not the case with Pink Clay. This incredible clay is just as effective at removing impurities and oil, but without being drying or irritating to the skin, at all.

Just take two pinches/ half a teaspoon of your Hydrating Pink Clay Mask in the palm of your hand, and then add half a teaspoon of water. Apply to face and leave for 5 - 10 minutes before gently rinsing away. Guaranteed hydrated, soft skin - and all from a clay mask - who knew?!

pink clay face mask

Mix your face mask with a splash of your favourite toner for a real hydration boost! Grab a sample pot for £1.50


Toners as we know them are often astringent, alcohol based and can make your face feel tight and uncomfortable. They are most likely not top of your list of hydrating skincare products!

Well, forget everything you think about toners and let me introduce you to Suneeta’s Flower Toner. 

Suneeta’s Organic Rose Water is made from 100% pure distilled Rose Water - gentle, organic skin-loving. This toner will hydrate, soothe and prep your skin for moisturiser. In fact, studies show that using a hydrating toner before your moisturiser can actually increase its effectiveness. Using a toner is also a great way to ensure that you have removed any pesky last traces of make-up or cleanser, which is especially useful if you use an oil-based cleanser (like our Mandarin and Calendula Cleansing Balm). 

Made from beautifying rose hydrosol, from the Rose Valley, this toner is lovingly made through steam distillation of rose petals (and nothing else!). Did you know, real, natural hydrosols contain even more of plants' benefits than pure essential oils?

And there you have it! Toners can be hydrating!

organic pure rose water
Try sweeping your Rose Watear cross your face just before you apply your day cream. Samples here from £3.00


If we think of hydrating products to apply at night, we usually think of rich creams and oils. Well, whilst these richer creams are of course brilliant to repair and moisturise the skin, lighter products can actually be beneficial for a specific kind of hydration: water hydration.

Did you know that your skin needs both water and oil moisture?

It’s no good applying cream after cream if your skin doesn’t have adequate water content. If your skin ever feels dry and tight, or even parched in places and oily in others, then you might be experiencing dehydrated skin. One way to increase skin’s water is to use a hydrating toner underneath your moisturiser, but for a real treat, try using this Aloe Vera based Seep Mask once or twice a week for a hydration boost. It softens, plumps, brightens and moisturises in one, all with a beautiful spa-like scent - a real skin treat. 

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