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Easing through tough times

Words by Oliver L

Hi! I'm Oliver and I work as part of Team Suneeta in our Brixton Zero Waste shop. As part of our Sunday Self Care series, my blog is about easing through these tough times.

During this challenging time, negative emotions, thoughts and feelings naturally arise because our internal systems are out of balance. We can so easily be overcome, but learning to feel into what arises and meeting that with soothing practices can often help on both mental and physical levels.

I find writing to be a cathartic expression, particularly in times of stress and/ or uncertainty. I encourage you to find a creative outlet too if you don't already have one... this could be movement/dance, gardening, journaling, yoga (see Olivia and Chloe's previous blog posts here) - or simply any modality for finding renewed reverence for life. 

I'd like to share a short poem to hopefully help ease you into a state of blissful connectedness with your mind and body. Afterwards, try to take some moments of quiet contemplation.

sink into a soft surrender.
in this body you are held.
you radiate boundless love,
even when the well appears dry.
let that inherent peace transcend time,
and calm like a gentle, lapping tide.
all the cosmos conspires to nurture 
your true essence.
the beating heart of the land
chimes to remind you
of your own blessed cyclicality.
inhale light, exhale darkness.
embrace the fluidity,
release stagnancy.
sink into the mystery
of divine consciousness, 
feel it deep as marrow, 
and let go

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