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Tips for a Relaxing Sunday Evening

Hi! As part of our Sunday self-care series, I'd like to talk about my eight-step guide to having the most relaxing Sunday evening, featuring my favourite Suneeta bath and skincare products

STEP ONE: Find a cotton headband and a comfy bathrobe

This is key as there's really nothing worse than getting nice and relaxed in the bath, only to get out and realise that you forgot your towel, have nothing to put on and have to dart to the bedroom, wet and shivering, to scramble for some PJs. That's a surefire way to undo your hard relaxation work!

While you do this you can also grab a bowl and spoon for mixing your face mask later, a flannel to remove it. You could ask members of your household not to disturb your relaxation in the bathroom.

Pop your headband on, then hang your towel and bathrobe somewhere handy! 

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STEP TWO: Run a bath with Suneeta's Relaxing Bath Salts

I find these salts in particular to be so healing for the mind and body, which is especially important in these difficult times.

Bathing in sea salts and oils has many health and skincare benefits, all whilst improving circulation and relaxing the body. Rich in vital minerals, such as magnesium, bath salts soften the water and your skin, while the delicate fragrance  provides intense relaxation.

The Relaxing Bath Salts contain a potent blend of pain relieving and therapeutic essential oils, including arnica and peppermint, which help to reduce inflammation, relax muscles and ease pain. Anyone with muscle ache should definitely give these a try. I even find that these salts really reduce congestion when I feel a cold coming on.

If you don't have any bath salts at home, you can use a few drops of essential oil in the bath, which will at least then help to relax the mind as you soak.

Relaxing Muscles Bath Salts, £10
ictured above in Zero Waste

STEP THREE: Apply your favourite Suneeta face mask

My favourite is the Nourishing Face Mask as this contains nourishing almonds and oatmeal, which help fight wrinkles and other signs of ageing, as well as balancing the skin. This mask also contains Indian clay to deep cleanse, which is really useful if you live in polluted areas and are more prone to congested skin and blocked pores. I find this mask to be super purifying, without stripping the skin of too much moisture.

These preservative-free masks come in powder form, so you can mix them to your desired consistency at home. Mix one teaspoon with equal part water, toner, honey or yoghurt to form a paste, either in your hand or in a bowl. Using a mask once a week is a brilliant way to combat the stress that can show on our skin.

You can apply your face mask just before you soak in bath, as you can leave them on for up to 20 mins. If your skin is on the sensitive side, you may wish to remove your mask before you leave the bath tub, so make sure you grab a flannel before you get into the bath! I mix one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of yoghurt with two teaspoons of Nourishing Mask.

nourishing face mask clay mask purify oily skin Face masks, from £8

STEP FOUR: Bath time

Now, light a candle or play some relaxing music if this will help you to fully relax, then pop into the bath.

I like to really try to clear my mind when I'm in the bath. This is the best way to get the most out of this downtime and to really rid yourself of stress and anxiety, at least for the moment.

A popular technique used for helping you to sleep is to focus on each part of your body, starting with your toes and then working upwards, but this can also be really beneficial in the bathtub if you find it difficult to switch off.

You should start with your toes, really focusing on them and how they feel, then your calves, and so on, until your mind is relaxed and unfocussed on your day to day.

Make sure you inhale and exhale slowly, really concentrating on the rhythm of your breathing - this also helps clear the mind.

I like to soak for around 20 minutes but you can stay in the bath for as long as you need!

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STEP FIVE: Deep cleanse 

After your bath, you might like to do a deep oil cleanse.

The combination of using a clay mask as well as the steam from your warm bath will have drawn impurities to the surface of your skin.

This is the absolute best time to use an oil-based cleanser, as oil is the most effective way to then remove these impurities. I find this is a great way to keep blackheads at bay. 

So, you'll need to hop out of the bath, towel off and put on your comfy bathrobe or dressing gown.

You then run a flannel or Cotton Muslin Cloth under a fairly warm tap and gently wipe away your face mask. If you haven't already rinsed it off in the bathtub.

You then take your favourite oil cleanser - I like the Mandarin and Calendula Cleansing Balm but any oil cleanser should work. You then very slowly and gently massage this around your face in circular motions.

This will dislodge any bacteria and impurities in your pores, in a gentle and non-disruptive way to your delicate skin.

You then run a cotton muslin cloth under a warm tap and gently wipe away the cleansing oil. Repeat as many times as necessary, bearing in mind that some clean oil is supposed to remove on your skin.

I like to then pour a little Rose Water onto my cloth and gently sweep over my face, to give my skin a fresh feeling.

While you do your oil cleanse, you should focus on the smell and texture of your cleansing oil, allowing yourself to fully appreciate this moment as you time.

I believe skincare shouldn't be about achieving perfection nor attacking parts of ourselves that we are insecure about, it should be about taking time just for ourselves, and really engaging in some self care. 

STEP SIX: Sleep masking

sleep mask frankincense myrrhSleep Mask, from £12

Although your oil cleanse should help feed your skin with some moisture, your face may still be feeling a little tight after your clay mask. Make sure you have your favourite night cream handy. 

My absolute favourite is Suneeta's Sleep Mask, which I think of as a night cream for people who don't like night creams!

This dreamy gel-cream is super hydrating but amazingly lightweight on the skin. 

The Sleep Mask also contains frankincense and myrrh essential oils, which are so luxurious and smell incredible.

Use one or two pumps of your Sleep Mask (or any night cream or oil), then pat around your skin, especially around the cheeks and forehead where many of us have drier skin.

STEP SEVEN: Apply body moisturiser

I am terrible at remembering to moisturise my body, however after a bath I try to apply some body oil, as I want to lock in the amazing moisture that bath salts give to your skin. Body oils are also often lightweight and fairly easily absorbed, so if you tend to neglect your body skin like I do then this is a brilliant way to give your body some needed care and attention.

I'd also recommend Suneeta's massage bars as a great plastic-free body moisturiser, which also smell amazing! You can find them here.

STEP EIGHT: Engage in a relaxing activity

After bath time, I like to get cosy on the sofa with a good book, but feel free to do any relaxing activity that works for you. 

And that's my seven steps to having the most relaxing Sunday evening!  You can see all the products featured in this blog post here!

Let us know your favourite ways to relax below.

Much love xx 

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