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White Sage & Cinnamon Smudge Stick


White sage is also called Indian incense. It is made from the silver-white leaves of the Salvia Apiana plant and grows on the coast of California. It is a sacred herb used by shamans of indigenous people in North America for centuries for purification ceremonies. 

White sage has a spicy scent.

Light with a flame, in the same way you would an incense stick. Blow out the flame and place on a heatproof dish. Enjoy the fragrance and atmosphere it creates!

A note from the team
Burning Sage, also known as “smudging”, forms an important part of North American Ingienous culture, which, amongst many other religious and cultural practices, was banned in the US until very recently. Even now, Native people are still fighting for the right to practice their cultural and religious beliefs in places including hospitals. For us to benefit from Native people’s culturally significant practices, such as burning sage, without acknowledging their cultural significance, would be unfair and exploitative. So, with that in mind, we ask those of you who are looking to try burning sage to take a few minutes to research the history of this important practice. You can read more on this here.